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Back on the blogosphere April 14, 2010

Posted by nitish krishna in Life, Movies, Music.

In recent weeks I’ve been tempted to start blogging again, given my endless supply of free time and movies to watch, I thought I’d add to the movie reviews section of my blog.

But this time round,I’m going to ask you guys to recommend the movies you want me to watch and review.

So here’s to this new idea…

Lets see how it goes


The Man And The Spider : A Poem July 13, 2009

Posted by nitish krishna in Poems.
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This poem is about mortality and how life comes and goes :

A man asked a spider

How does it feel to kill?

Is it hard to really do it,

How exciting is the thrill?

Well, said the spider

I’m afraid that doesn’t apply

In my case, it’s simple really

Its either do or die.

The man laughed and said

Isn’t that a little sad?

A poor little fly dies,

and he’s not even the best you’ve had.

So what, the spider retorted

at least I don’t kill for love

Thats sadder than what I do,

and its nothing to be proud of.

But, replied the man

We don’t eat our own

We show some respect atleast,

We don’t chew ourselves to the bone.

The spider laughed and said

Its all a bit funny.

If we had your intelligence

We wouldn’t kill for money.

Aha, but there you’re wrong

the man was quick to reply

money helps you do many things

and its something for which you can die.

Alas, said the spider

There are easier ways to earn

Men are just too lazy

So killing becomes a concern

That’s easy for you to say

The man was quick to retort

you can’t do anything in life

you will easily be forgot.

The spider smiled and jumped up

He stung the man and said

Well you’re wrong there my friend

In a minute you’ll be dead.

The man, now shocked, hit out

And the spider fell to the ground

The man groaned his last

And there was no more sound.

Isn’t it easy to take a life

But very hard to replace it

I guess we will never learn

From the story of the man and the spider

When you look in the mirror : A poem July 13, 2009

Posted by nitish krishna in Poems.
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When you look in the mirror,

do you like what you see?

When someone calls your name,

is that who you want to be?

You may find it a wierd thing

to write or think about

But seriously now, I ask

is it beyond reasonable doubt?

Do you ever catch yourself thinking

This is not who I want to be

Why am I feeling out of place

Do I need some clarity?

When you are angry at the world

Are you angry at yourself?

Or has fate just conspired

to make your life living hell.

Is it fair to blame someone

For your own stupid mistakes

Ask yourself this my friend

Before you step on the brakes

Whatever it is you feel

When you close your eyes to sleep

Is the truth hidden inside you

And it’s hidden pretty deep

So before you blame the world

For bad luck or being unfair

Look inside for answers

You’ll find your answers there

Music : Sky Blue Sky July 7, 2009

Posted by nitish krishna in Music.
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Sky Blue Sky

Sky Blue Sky

Album : Sky Blue Sky

Band : Wilco

Genre : Alternative/Folk Rock

Wilco is an American band with a very wide ranging sound. Their latest offering, Sky Blue Sky, offers a much simpler sound than Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which was full of experimental sounds.

Sky Blue Sky is a delightful album to listen to. Its the kind of music that’s made for a saturday evening when you just want to relax. It has a good mix of acoustic and electric tracks and the electric tracks are not very loud, very Phish-like.

Tracks like Impossible Germany, with twin guitars and What Light, with Bob Dyanesque guitars and harmony make this one of the best Modern Folk Rock albums produced.

If you have never heard of Wilco before, this album is a very good starting point as it isn’t hard on your ears. It gives you a fair idea of what Modern Folk Rock sounds like too.

Listen To It: If you like Bands like Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, John Mayer and Coldplay’s first two albums.

Don’t Listen To It: If you want something to headbang to or dance to.

Key Tracks : Impossible Germany, What Light, Side With The Seeds

UPDATE : Wilco is out with a new album called Wilco!