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Back on the blogosphere April 14, 2010

Posted by nitish krishna in Life, Movies, Music.

In recent weeks I’ve been tempted to start blogging again, given my endless supply of free time and movies to watch, I thought I’d add to the movie reviews section of my blog.

But this time round,I’m going to ask you guys to recommend the movies you want me to watch and review.

So here’s to this new idea…

Lets see how it goes


Goodbye for now…. July 16, 2009

Posted by nitish krishna in Life.
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And so my holidays have come to an end…

It’s been nice coming back to blogging and its not goodbye forever thats for sure…I’ll be posting new movie reviews everytime i come to chennai.

In other news I’ve started watching some anime….I finished Detective School Q and am currently watching Monster and Death Note….

I’m watching himym all over again and it’s still fun…..Barney rules!

I can still blog from Trichy but there’s a off chance i’ll be too lazy to.

So so long….

Movie Reviews, Etc. July 6, 2009

Posted by nitish krishna in Life.

All right folks, it’s a long long time since i blogged.

I’ve been spending most of my life offline nowadays (due to the fact that i live in the middle of nowhere for most of the year.)

So many things have changed about me. I’m 4 years older now, and it was very funny reading by old blog posts….i was like gosh i was such a kid.

Anyways, to the important stuff…what prompted me to start blogging again?

Boredom of course…and the fact that i want to write movie reviews.

So there you go, this blog is going to be mainly about movie reviews and some music. I’ll try to post a review as often as possible but please excuse me if i’m not very regular.

I’d love it if you folks suggested movies to me, that i could review and so on.

I hope you like this new version of my blog.