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The Man And The Spider : A Poem July 13, 2009

Posted by nitish krishna in Poems.
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This poem is about mortality and how life comes and goes :

A man asked a spider

How does it feel to kill?

Is it hard to really do it,

How exciting is the thrill?

Well, said the spider

I’m afraid that doesn’t apply

In my case, it’s simple really

Its either do or die.

The man laughed and said

Isn’t that a little sad?

A poor little fly dies,

and he’s not even the best you’ve had.

So what, the spider retorted

at least I don’t kill for love

Thats sadder than what I do,

and its nothing to be proud of.

But, replied the man

We don’t eat our own

We show some respect atleast,

We don’t chew ourselves to the bone.

The spider laughed and said

Its all a bit funny.

If we had your intelligence

We wouldn’t kill for money.

Aha, but there you’re wrong

the man was quick to reply

money helps you do many things

and its something for which you can die.

Alas, said the spider

There are easier ways to earn

Men are just too lazy

So killing becomes a concern

That’s easy for you to say

The man was quick to retort

you can’t do anything in life

you will easily be forgot.

The spider smiled and jumped up

He stung the man and said

Well you’re wrong there my friend

In a minute you’ll be dead.

The man, now shocked, hit out

And the spider fell to the ground

The man groaned his last

And there was no more sound.

Isn’t it easy to take a life

But very hard to replace it

I guess we will never learn

From the story of the man and the spider



1. Deepak Sridhar - July 14, 2009

Nice….one thing though…you seem to switch between present and past tense!

“Well, said the spider”

“The spider laughs and says”

“Alas, said the spider”

2. nitish krishna - July 14, 2009

Thanks for pointing it out

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