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Road To Perdition July 13, 2009

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Road to Perdition

Road to Perdition

Movie : Road to Perdition

Director : Sam Mendes

Starring : Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law, Daniel Craig

Road to Perdition is a fantastic film, with very rich tones and beautiful cinematography. This Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Revolutionary Road) period gangster movie is based on a graphic novel by Max Alan Collins and is one of the few films which are more celebrated than their original source.

The mood of the movie is stark and the lighting mirrors this. The movie is a prime example of neo-noir film-making and as a gangster movie it impresses with it’s storyline of betreyal and revenge.

Tom Hanks plays Michael Sullivan, a mob hit man, who is betrayed by his boss (Paul Newman) who treats him as his adopted son. Daniel Craig is fantastic as the trouble making son of the mob boss and is responsible for the movie’s tragedies.

Hanks finds himself on the run along with his son, who he trains to become a getaway driver. Indeed this is the most heartful part of the story. Sullivan doesn’t want Mike Jr. to take the violent path and does all he can to make sure his son sees his own follies.

The rest of the movie is the standard tale of revenge, but interspersed with some Father-Son emotion. Jude Law deserves special praise as the psycho killer Harlen Maguire who is sent after Hanks. His eerie stare rivals that of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

WATCH THIS FILM IF : You like mafia movies or tales of revenge. It is also an intriguing drama.

DON’T WATCH THIS FILM IF : You don’t like people killing each other and you want to see something sunny or funny.

Warning : Violence


There Will Be Blood July 6, 2009

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There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

Movie : There Will Be Blood

Director : Paul Thomas Anderson

Starring: Daniel Day Lewis, Paul Dano

This Movie is an epic rags to riches story of a California Silver Miner Daniel Plainview(Day Lewis). Adapted from Upton Sinclair’s Oil!, it showcases the bitter struggle for money in Pre-Great Depression America.

Let that not put you off. Many of you might find Drama movies boring, but this one will keep you occupied despite it’s length (Almost 2 and a half hours). Day-Lewis is brilliant as the tough, manipulative oil magnate and he is superbly supported by Paul Dano who plays Eli Sunday, a preacher in a local church.

Eli and Daniel are always at loggerheads, the preacher bemoaning Plainview’s rampant seizure of land in the village and the oilman perennially vary of the preacher’s passionate sermons.

The sub-plot of the movie revolves around young H.M.Plainview, whom Daniel adopts after his father is cruelly killed during a drilling operation. A key point in the film is when H.M. loses his hearing in an accident and Daniel is forced to send him away.

The movie is very picturesque and P.T.A. has done a remarkable job with the pace of the story. The movie lacks his usual quirky long shots and multiple character scenarios, but more than makes up with the accompanying music.

When you watch the movie, you will definitely notice the soundtrack. It keeps the story flowing very well and adds character to many scenes. Johnny Greenwood, the Radiohead guitarist is the one responsible.

On the whole, definitely a worthwhile watch.

WATCH THIS FILM IF: You want to see some very good acting and beautiful scenes of the California Desert.

DON’T WATCH THIS FILM: If you detest character dramas. There is nothing in this movie that will excite you.

If you liked this, check out: No Country For Old Men, The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

Warning: Some violence, language.